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CNN Hearts Britney Spears

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The New York Times today profiles Cindy Sheehan, the 48-year-old mother from Vacaville, CA., whose Army son was killed in Iraq last year. She is staging a bring-the-troops-home vigil outside president Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas where he's spending his summer vacation. The Times reports that much to the White House's chagrin, Sheehan has been "transformed into a news media phenomenon."

But has she? The story certainly seems compelling; an angry mom camped out in the 100 degree heat waiting out a reluctant president who refuses to meet with her and respond to her simple question: Why did my son die in Iraq? Yes, reporters have taken an interest. But as has become customary since 2003 with any antiwar protest story, the press has proceeded with extreme caution.

Since Friday, here's how many times "Cindy Sheehan" has been mentioned on CNN: 8.

Since Friday, here's how many times "Britney Spears" has been mentioned on CNN: 18.

P.S. Read here why Matt Drudge's attempted take down of Sheehan today is hollow and misleading.