09/26/2007 07:16 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Dan Rather Is Right

I realize the accepted takeaway from CBS' National Guard controversy is supposed to be that the network was guilty of a colossal, historic newsroom blunder from which there is no possible defense or redemption. (Personally, I'll leave that category to the Judy Millers of the world.) But the dirty little secret that right-wing bloggers and their allies in the mainstream press don't want to discuss that Rather is right -- the National Guard story was true.

Rather was also right last week in claiming that CBS News management panicked in the wake of the Memogate scandal and quickly tossed aside its journalism standards in desperate, blatant attempts to mend fences with the Bush White House. The examples were numerous, yet the press pretends Rather's a conspiracy nut for making the suggestion.

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