New Book By Beltway Insiders Proves How Dishonest Journalism Has Become

05/25/2011 11:55 am ET

When not canonizing Karl Rove in their new book, The Way to Win, ABC's Mark Halperin and the Washington Post's John Harris lecture Democrats about losing control of their image via the media. Halperin and Harris' purposefully naïve construct is that Democrats had the power to fix negative press coverage but for some bewildering reason failed to do so. Apparently, all Democrats had to do was ask nicely and Beltway reporters would have stopped reporting made-up stuff about Whitewater, stopped reporting false claims about Gore inventing the Internet, etc., and stopped reporting fabrications about how Kerry's war service was riddled with mysteries.

Not surprisingly, Halperin and Harris refuse to consider the notion that it's been a conscious choice the press has made to dog Democrats while going easy on Bush, repeatedly holding him to an absurdly low standard of professional and personal conduct.

Read the full Media Matters column here.

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