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Palin, The Press, And Her Pregnancy

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Sarah Palin emerged as a media critic last week when she sat down with a conservative filmmaker to critique the press coverage she received during the fall campaign. Not surprisingly, Palin was quite critical of the nasty conspiracy theory that emerged online during the campaign claiming she wasn't really the mother of her newborn son Trig; that she had "faked" the pregnancy.

Still fuming, Palin claims the media picked up the rumor from liberal bloggers and then ran with it. Unfortunately in her role as press critic, Palin misremembers the media's role. Or she's consciously trying to rewrite history. Because the simple truth is the mainstream media did not spread the pregnancy story. Nor, contrary to Palin's accusation, were liberal bloggers responsible for it. Most A-list bloggers actively avoided the story, and some online writers even publicly decried the rumor when it first surfaced.

Palin certainly deserves to air her complaints about the press. But she needs to be more accurate in her appraisals, because regarding the pregnancy story, Palin did more media revising last week than media critiquing.

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