10/11/2007 07:14 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Cackle Joins The Haircut and The Sigh

You simply cannot find recent examples where the press pounced on physical ticks or trivial personal foibles of Republican candidates and announced them to be wildly important and deeply revealing. That's just not a distraction Republican candidates have to deal with. The media phenomenon only applies to Democrats and the phenomenon only exists because journalists manufacture it.

There's zero proof that voters actually care about Sighs or Haircuts or Cackles, stories that consume so much of the press corps' time, energy, and interest. That was confirmed by the polling data released after the recent cascade of negative Clinton coverage. One prominent poll showed she had opened up a gaping 33-point lead over her closest rival. The press manufactured an accusatory storyline about Clinton's calculated laughs, and voters couldn't have cared less.

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