John Tweddle and Ken Price at Kayne Griffin Corcoran (PHOTOS)

03/17/2014 03:15 pm ET | Updated May 16, 2014

Kayne Griffin Corcoran held its first exhibition of work by John Tweddle on Saturday, March 15th, 2014. The exhibition is curated by Alanna Heiss. Heiss chose works from Tweddle's Scull Collection, considered as one of America's most historically significant collections of the 20th century. KGC also exhibits Unit 6 first exhibited as part of Happy's Curios, part of Ken Price's (1935-2012) 1978 retrospective at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

As part of my ongoing survey of opening exhibitions, here a few highlights from that night as part of my N(art)rative photo series. Here is EMS N(art)rative One.

2014-03-17-2B2A7137.jpg Ken Price Unit 6 from Happy Curios, 1972-1978. Photo by EMS

2014-03-17-2B2A7145.jpg John Tweddle Time Bomb, 1969. Photo by EMS

2014-03-17-2B2A7148.jpg 30 mins prior to the opening at KGC. Photo by EMS

2014-03-17-2B2A7187.jpg Jennifer and Joan Quinn. Photo by EMS

2014-03-17-2B2A7212.jpg Bill Griffin and Alanna Heiss (left and middle) Photo by EMS

2014-03-17-2B2A7243.jpg Curator Alanna Heiss. Photo by EMS

2014-03-17-2B2A7255.jpg Maggie Kayne (left), Bill Griffin and Alanna Heiss (right). Photo by EMS

2014-03-17-2B2A7260.jpg Jim Corcoran and Alanna Heiss. Photo by EMS

2014-03-17-2B2A7288.jpg Moby and Alanna Heiss. Photo by EMS

2014-03-17-2B2A7331.jpg John Tweddle. Photo by EMS

2014-03-17-2B2A7351.jpg Full moon outside of the opening. Photo by EMS

2014-03-17-2B2A7407.jpg John Tweddle (center). Photo by EMS

2014-03-17-2B2A7439.jpg John Tweddle and Alanna Heiss. Photo by EMS