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Eric S. Margules

Blog Entries by Eric S. Margules

Aftermath of Stuy Town/Peter Cooper Village Debacle

Posted April 13, 2010 | 15:55:10 (EST)

Nothing in New York City is ever easy. Mix housing, courts and politics with a few billion dollars and a few thousand tenants and things get ugly quick.

Such is the case in the infamous Peter Cooper/Stuyvesant Town debacle. No one disputes that the developers paid way too much even...

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From Every Angle: Frustration in the Real Estate Business

Posted March 5, 2010 | 15:34:58 (EST)

I have seen various ups and downs in the real estate business in my time. Never has there been such a confluence of frustration, from investors to lenders to owners as I see today.

Investors believe they deserve better returns than they could receive at current prices, based on...

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