04/23/2008 07:09 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Destructive Primary? Gee, Who Woulda Thunk It

It's funny how the punditry works, sometimes.

Over a month ago, I wrote an op-ed for the Philadelphia Daily News, warning Democrats that a prolonged primary would destroy the party's chances to win in November. I followed it up ten days later a with a post here that compared the prolonged primary to a "murder-suicide in progress" with Hillary Clinton landing heavy shots against Barack Obama, but shooting herself in the process. Again, I made the case that defeat in November was being snatched from the jaws of victory. A few days after that, I looked at polling trends and again warned that the longer the primary goes on, the worse the chances are for November, for Democrats.

As I tried to make my case to political watchers, I was told to take a chill pill - that everything would work out, that the "energized" Democratic party was wonderful and the primary was only helping it, and I was just a hysterical Chicken Little. And yet, what was evident to me more than a month ago is now just evident to pundits today:

"It is no longer just the Chicken Littles within the party who openly worry about an outcome that leaves large blocks of women or African-Americans frustrated and alienated.," says Amy Sullivan of TIME.

"The Worst of All Worlds," says Andrew Sullivan.

Marc Ambinder says "damage might be accruing to the Democratic Party."

John McCain is now the only candidate in the race viewed more favorably than unfavorably, according to Rasmussen Report's Daily Tracking Poll. And he is intermittently hitting the 50 percent mark in the head to head matchups - something that neither Obama nor Clinton has even sniffed since, well, at least since February, which is as far back as the head-to-heads go.

The longer this goes on, the worse it gets, as voter attitudes towards McCain solidify, making it much harder to re-define him in an abbreviated general election campaign. If it goes on long enough, it doesn't matter who the candidate is - Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama - Democrats WILL lose.

Still don't want to believe it? That's fine. Just don't come crying to me when between January 2009-January 2013 you find:

:: 4000+ more dead in Iraq

:: A Supreme Court stacked and ready to overturn Roe v. Wade, and allowing unfettered government intrusion to your privacy

:: More Bush economics

:: More unfair trade deals

But, hey, at least you had an energizing primary, right?