10/08/2005 12:46 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It Happened Before, it is Possibly Happening Again, Harry

Harry, between Mr. Burns voiceovers and Christopher Guest movies, take some time to educate yourself. Read this report by the Sierra Club that, in detail, lays out the government’s (non) reaction to the environmental fallout after 9.11 in New York, and why it could be happening again.

The fact is that the EPA’s own Inspector General found that environmental dangers were downplayed after 9/11 when the White House told the EPA to do so, so the area could get up and running. You know, the area where Wall St. is.

The latest testing in New Orleans I posted absolutely blows previous test results of the same areas by the EPA out of the water. It shows there is a very real danger in those areas the EPA and others denied existed. Why do you seem to think there are only bad government results for the 9th ward? If the EPA testing was so bad there, could it be ALL their testing is seriously flawed, and thus, there is no guarantee that ANY area is safe? I think that could be the case. That is why I say people must be removed from all areas until valid, undeniable testing can be done. We just don’t know anymore if anything is safe.

To close, Harry, here is an email I received through my website:

Thank you for writing your article. A little over a year ago my niece, Kimberly, age 22, died of the most aggressive form of leukemia. Four months after 9-11 she left Emerson in Boston and moved into NYC to attend NYU as a student in journalism. Her apartment was not that far from "ground zero". The doctors who diagnosed Kim felt that it was her exposure to the contaminants from the terrorist attack, particularly benzene, that accounted for the onset of this disease in someone who did not have the dna makeup to combat the illness successfully with any known treatments. She died a year after diagnosis and went through hell trying to save her life. During the course of her illness we heard of other people, like rescue workers, firemen, and policemen who were coming down with the same aggressive type of leukemia. Kim was not only a victim of Osama Bin Laden, but a victim of Bush and his policies, and the rush to return to business as usual in NYC. Flip sides of the same coin. I fear for the people who will return to New Orleans….

So do I, Harry.

P.S. Sorry for the flip remark at the beginning. I am, like, a HUGE fan of yours, and it’s an honor to be yelled at by you.