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RNC, You've Got Less Class Than Michael Moore

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Last night, the Republican Convention showed a video which could be described as nothing less than "9/11 Porn" -- a video so demeaning, so craven, and so exploitative of the dead and those who survived the September 11 attacks, only by the grace of God, that it makes you question whether John McCain and Sarah Palin's campaign even has a soul, that they wouldn't reject the showing of the video.

It included, among other things, slow-motion video of the second plane flying into the tower, and explosion, as well as the towers falling (again adjusted to slow-mo for dramatic effect), the moment thousands died. For politics, they showed this.


As some of you may know, at the time, I worked for the Congressman who represented the WTC and the surrounding area. I saw and heard stories from our constituents and friends that, to this day, still make my eyes well up and stomach drop when I think of them.

The video made me shake with anger. Republicans, apparently with the blessing of McCain and Palin, whored out the video of the moment of death of thousands of Americans for political gain. Senator McCain, I thought you said you were "change". This disgusting display was merely you taking the hand-off from Dick Cheney and George W. Bush, and gleefully running with it, with your "Pit Bull with lipstick" at your side.

Another thing -- the title of my post. Michael Moore -- the man Republicans so deride as "classless" and "un-American" - had the decency in Fahrenheit 9/11 to go to black when recalling that moment, not using the video of the planes hitting or towers falling. He did so out of respect for the dead, those who survived them, and those who made it out alive.

So, congratulations RNC, John McCain, and Sarah Palin. You've now, if you didn't think so before, got less class than Michael Moore.