05/24/2007 06:27 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Summer of Sam Ain't So Bad, After All

What a gorgeous day. From sunrise on, the sun shined brightly in my neck of the woods, with low humidity and a comfy temperature in the 70s.

The hustle and bustle of the day in my neighborhood didn't even bother me. Trucks were making their daily deliveries, old ladies were inspecting the fruit and veggies at the corner stores, and men were smoking cigarettes, talking about the day ahead.

Walking down the street, I saw a mom and dad strolling their baby, stopping occasionally to look on the small child, as it cooed with delight. On the subway, a husband and wife looked upon each other and gave occasional pecks on the lips. I'm not such a fan of PDA, unless it involves me, but heck, it is such a nice day that I could deal with it.

Outside my place, a senior couple was sitting on their stoop, speaking Polish, and taking in the soft breeze. Knowing the neighborhood, they've been here for at least forty years, and probably married for about fifty. You could tell they couldn't live without each other.

Yep, last night, little Sam Cheney was born to same-sex parents, and today, the sun rose, people went about their business, and families loved each other as much as they had the night before. The world didn't end, the 'traditional' family didn't break up, and despite the firm beliefs of Jerry Falwell, who is somewhere on the other side, terrorists didn't attack us today.

It's a beautiful day. If there's one dark cloud in the sky, it's that Sam's parents, and the parents of thousands of other kids, cannot make their family complete as they may like, through marriage.

So, conservative evangelicals (and many so-called progressives too), what do you say? The world's the same as it was yesterday. Why not tempt fate and complete this beautiful day by finally, graciously, allowing all loving couples and parents to tie the knot? The forecast for tomorrow's day is even better. Let's make tomorrow as good as it can be.