06/06/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

DC Classic Rock Showdown: 4th Grader Grills Condi Rice on Led Zeppelin Fave

Rice ponders merits of Motown v. R+B.

At her first public appearance in DC since leaving office, former foreign-policy mogul Condi Rice fielded a venerable dream-list of questions yesterday by a group of students at Washington's Jewish Primary Day School.

Courageously championing both democracy and education to the group of 3d - 5th graders, Rice recalled childhood fantasies of being a competitive figure skater, famous concert pianist, or maybe a track star before one student's question went classic: rock.

"What's your favorite music, including your favorite Led Zeppelin song?" the nine-year-old pressed Rice, finally offering DC the Condi moment that until now has all but tortured America by the wait.

"My favorite Led Zeppelin song is actually a song called 'Black Dog' which is uhh ... kind of a 1968 anthem." Rice laughed, continuing "I like all kinds of music. I like Led Zepplin, I like Cream, I like really hard rock."

Condi admitted " I like all kinds of music except for Country & Western which, I don't get it, but some people like it."

Unlike many Americans, however, Rice also admitted earlier in the program to remaining "close friends" with George W. Bush.

The former President was not available for comment on Condi's rumored 'Oval Office Mix' or other iPod play-list faves at press time.

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