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Conversations About My Father: Iron Man Chris McCormack

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A few weeks ago I set out to engage people in a conversation about their fathers. Through the experience the depth of emotions provoked in talking about "dad" struck me and the powerful sentiments stirred by distant memories seemed to surprise even those who were sharing their stories. The discussions were often deeply personal and I am grateful to all of those who shared glimpses of their fathers. I hope you enjoy the collection of stories and that you share your own Father's day story in the comments thread.

Twelve-time Iron man champion Chris "Macca" McCormack sat down with me to talk about his father. Growing up in Australia with two brothers in an intense house, Chris fondly remembers his dad always taking him surfing and encouraging him to be active. Chris credits a lot of who he is as person to his father, saying he always instilled in him that if you were going to do something then do it 100 percent. A father now himself, Chris marvels at how his dad was able to balance work and family saying "he was always there for us." With a reputation as being a bit of a rogue in his sport, McCormack says the most valuable lesson his dad taught him was to be a real person and not feel the need to conform -- In short to be his own man.

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