Summer Wellness: Demarcus Ware Talks Health and Fitness

07/05/2011 12:28 pm ET | Updated Sep 04, 2011

As temperatures rise and summer kicks into full swing, people naturally start to think about exercise, health and of course, how they look in a bathing suit. I sat down with some of the most accomplished professional athletes and fitness gurus to learn about their approach to wellness. As I experienced firsthand, staying fit and healthy as an over-scheduled adult can be a daunting challenge. I asked experts and superstars to share their insight into the mental and physical aspects of wellness, including the routines that work, ways to avoid injuries and how to beat mental fatigue.

Demarcus Ware is one of the most dominant defensive players in the NFL and while it may not seem that there are many parallels between playing professional football and the average person's workout, if there is one thing NFL players know about -- it's injury (most players repeat the adage that there is a 100 percent injury rate every year in the NFL). Although he is renowned for being one of the most athletic players in the game, Demarcus has had to learn how to change his approach to training as he has gotten older. Constantly looking for an edge, I caught up with Ware after a grueling workout as he learned about the cult fitness program Crossfit.

A big believer in stretching and maintaining a healthy diet, Demarcus credits strengthening his core with helping him eliminate the back pain that has troubled him for years. He encourages people who are just getting back into shape to start small advising that the "first step is to eat right." Demarcus says shedding those excess pounds will reduce wear and tear on the body and help avoid injury as you ramp up your training.