The Truth Comes Out: A Worker Witness to Union Justice

05/22/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I'm Erica Boddie, a front line labor worker of 28 years for Kaiser Permanente, and an original "Local 250" member of which is now SEIU-UHW.

I look forward in bringing you news and updates from the upcoming SEIU-UHW (Service Employees International Union - United Healthcare Workers West) / NUHW National Union of Healthcare Workers) trial beginning Monday, March 22, 2010 through the first week of April, 2010. The trial is to determine allegations set forth alleging NUHW of inappropriate use of SEIU-UHW assets while creating NUHW, violations of the terms of the SEIU-UHW constitution, as well as withholding union files and records needed to represent ground level union members while creating barriers to challenge the everyday operations and functions of UHW.

As laborers, members of the community, and local politicians - it is important that the historical breath of democracy be transparent, honest, and loyal and nonbiased so that we restore justice and ensure that we set and maintain a positive path for the future generation of America.

Our loyalty shall not rest upon dedication to any particular leaders or politicians - but instead shall set upon the obligation of true democracy lived and breathed through each and every one of us.

Conversations in the recent days to come are most welcomed as we strive to reach our goal of moving the labor movement of America.


E. Boddie "The Kaiser Bee..."