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Erica Kennedy
A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and Oxford University, Erica Kennedy is a novelist, screenwriter and social media strategist. The former fashion publicist began her writing career as a special correspondent for the New York Daily News women's section then went on to write about fashion and entertainment for magazines such as Vibe, In Style, PAPER and Elle UK. In 2004, she published the hip-hop satire BLING which became a New York Times bestseller that was translated into seven languages and optioned for film by The Weinstein Company. Now a screenwriter and social media consultant for fashion and lifestyle brands, she appeared on PAPER's 140 Characters twitter list in May 2010 and was named by film critic Roger Ebert as one of his top 5 "favorite twits." You can follow her @ericajk.

Blog Entries by Erica Kennedy

Why Oprah's Favorite Things Show Makes Me Sad

(0) Comments | Posted November 21, 2010 | 9:37 PM

I went to see Oprah when she taped her show in Central Park last year because my almost mother-in-law is a tremendous Oprah fan and I knew it was her dream. So I wrangled some tix and we had an awesome time. We got to see the show...

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Are Marie Claire and CBS Wagging the Dog?

(12) Comments | Posted October 29, 2010 | 7:26 PM

Like many others, I blogged about the Marie Claire "fatties" brouhaha and how outraged I was about it. But the whole time I was reading the offending post, I kept wondering how something that savage could be written. I kept gasping in horror but a horrified gasp is...

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Same Sex Kissing Is Oh So Cool...For Girls

(27) Comments | Posted June 8, 2010 | 11:00 AM

We all remember when Britney and Madonna did it on MTV* and it was considered so racy. Now girl-on-girl kissing barely elicits a yawn. On Monday there were two girl-kissing stories on the banner of the HuffPost Entertainment section.

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How J. Lo's Ass Changed the World

(19) Comments | Posted May 25, 2010 | 4:39 PM

I truly believe Jennifer Lopez's greatest contribution to this world will be the way she embraced and flaunted her phat ass. I am dead serious about that and I say it with the utmost admiration and reverence.

Remember when she first came out and she did this Vanity Fair...

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