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VIDEO: Behind the Scenes With the Heritage Foundation at the GOP Debate

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Tonight, America will have the opportunity to watch a GOP Presidential debate focused specifically on
foreign policy and national security issues.  The debate, co-hosted by the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute, will air on CNN
at 8pm ET.

But what does it take to set up for an event of this level? The debate will take place in Constitution Hall, where an empty auditorium has been
renovated into a glitzy TV studio ready for primetime.

CNN staff, including debate moderator Wolf Blitzer, CNN Senior Executive Producer Kate Lunger and CNN Washington Bureau Chief Sam Feist, spoke
exclusively with Heritage during yesterday's set-up. In the Heritage Foundation's exclusive video, get a look behind-the-scenes at what goes into
making an important night like this come together!

The video was produced by
Brandon Stewart
with the help of
Rob Bluey
. For more videos from Heritage,
subscribe to our YouTube channel

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