02/27/2014 11:44 am ET Updated Apr 29, 2014

How to Be Nicer to Yourself

My readers tend to be intelligent, generous, and kind souls. I would bet you are genuinely nice to your family and everyone you meet. But I want to know, how kind and loving are you toward yourself?

How do you talk about your body, your abilities, your looks? What does the chatter in your mind sound like throughout the day? Are you loving and compassionate toward YOU?

I find myself giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, sometimes to a point they don't always deserve. On the other hand, I can be really berating toward myself. In my more present and conscious moments, I am aware enough to change those negative thoughts. When I am aware of the power and influence of this self-talk, and I am able to turn it around.

How can we combat negative self-talk and show ourselves more love?

1. Meditate and pray every morning to start your day in a loving mindset. During this time, set your intentions for how you want to "be" that day, and how you want to show yourself more love.

2. Stop expecting perfection. You are a human, full of beautiful imperfection. Life would be boring and there would be no room for growth if we were born perfect! We are actually born perfectly the way we are supposed to be. It's life and worldly influences that make us forget our divine nature.

3. Try to focus on the positive. You know whom you really are -- that amazing woman within. Try to reconnect and get to know the true you again. You'll realize that you love yourself and want to treat your outer body with care, exercise, respect, and admiration. Look at what is wonderful about you, and get inspired to improve what's not so the outside of you reflects the beauty within.

4. Be super conscious of how you follow the words, "I am." Your subconscious believes these statements wholeheartedly, whether they are true or not. Try saying things like, I am kind, I am generous, I am beautiful, I am strong, and I am creative. You are!

5. Take care of your physical self. Feel good about what you present to the world every day. Today, I am working in yoga pants and a fleece top, which is so comfy, but I feel like a slob! I look forward to running, showering, and then presenting a much prettier "me" to the world.

When you are nicer to yourself, you'll create a more fabulous world for yourself. You'll be happier and your positive energy will be infectious! Treat both you and everyone around you with kindness and respect, and your entire life-perspective will shift to a more joyful place!

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