ABC Show Us the Debate LIVE

04/16/2008 06:28 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

As I get ready to Twitter, LiveBlog, and run an Open Thread on tonight's Democratic debate I've been told ABC is not treating this as a live event, but as a television show. They will be showing the debate TAPE DELAYED to the West Coast.

Um...ABC, in case you haven't heard-this is rather important and putting me three hours behind everyone else is rude, a disadvantage, and just plain stupid.

In case you also missed the other memo, user generated content is kind of a big deal. In fact it has been noted on a few occasions, that it is the driving force behind what is being discussed and what is shaping this election.

Time to get with the program. You're not in charge any more. We are.

If you don't stream it live, I'll find a way to get it live on my laptop. I mean, if I just happen to be chatting with my family on the east coast tonight via webcam and they just happen to have the tv on in the background, I might happen to catch a glimpse.

I'm not going to watch the SuperBowl tape delayed and I'm certainly not going to watch what could be the last Democratic debate tape delayed.

ABC you've got a few hours...get moving. Or you can suck it.

Warm regards,