09/14/2006 06:08 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Pimping Out Your Daughter Made Easy!

Halloween is fast approaching and retailers across America are stocking up on slutty costumes for your daughters. From belly-baring cheerleading outfits to cleavage-baring Goth witch gear, your 6-year old has never looked more grown up. Except for the time you entered her in that beauty pageant.

But wait! 6-year-olds can't possible have any cleavage to what's the big deal???

Thanks to the geniuses at Funtastic your pre-pre tween can have a Bratz decorated, bust enhancing, PADDED training bra.

A PADDED bra for a 6-year-old. A PADDED bra for a child that potty trained 4 years ago. A PADDED bra for a girl who is just learning to read. A PADDED bra for a girl who doesn't know her multiplication tables.

A Target spokesperson says the bralettes are "fashionable items that give girls modesty and style as they go through development changes." They might as well just label them "flirty new lingerie sets for kids!" After all, I was in a Target recently that displayed "Flirty T's For Summer!" for children ages 5-8.

Despite an outcry from Mommybloggers, Funtastic and its retailers are standing by their product. Obviously parents are purchasing these hooker-in-training lingerie sets.

Is it you? Are you the one buying this crap? I really want to know who picks up a lace, size 6, bralette and says "oh, my 1st grader needs one of these; she has NO bust yet."

Tell me, so I can smack the shit out of you.

I'm guessing you are also dressing your baby girl as one of the Pussycat Dolls for Halloween. And you'll be shocked and appalled when you find out she's dating at 8, pregnant at 11, and turning tricks at 15.

Reportedly letters and emails are pouring into Funtastic to keep the whore-inducing bralettes out of US stores, but the problem runs deeper.

Our daughters are being pimped out and sexualized well before their time. A padded bra does not turn a 6-year old into a woman, but it can turn her into an object. It certainly gives her an idea of what her mother thinks is important. Alpha Moms want little mini-me's to dress up and prance around as their little manicured princesses.

Here in my suburbia, the babies have Uggs and the toddler shirts read "Cowboy Wanted." The corporations are not to blame. It's YOU.
YOU think it's cute. YOU think it's acceptable. And YOU have now pushed the envelope so that selling padded bras to 6-year-olds is the norm and 5-year-olds are demanding the new Bratz diamond ring for Christmas.

There is no excuse. Little girls should not be sexy. Yet here we are, parents plunking down dollars and not blinking, while their daughter's new shirt reads "FLIRT" across her padded chest.

Wake up, before this generation of girl is pimped right before your eyes.