06/28/2007 01:14 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Rosie and Me: Moms with Mouths-Kids in the Crossfire

My stomach churned. My blood boiled. The Rosie photo making waves across the talk shows and blog posts has moms and pundits all a flutter.

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My gut reaction, upon seeing this photo of Rosie O'Donnell's daughter dressed in fatigues, was anger and confusion. Why is this darling girl wearing bullets? What sort of sick political statement is Ro making, exploiting her daughter this way?

Then my brain kicked in, I took a deep breathe, and realized Rosie has one hell of a point. Don't get all crazy on me now-yelling about how much you hate Ro. Use your head and listen to me for just a second.

Whatever her reason for posting this picture, whatever the situation surrounding this picture (Rosie says the kids were playing dress up), and whatever you think of her---stop and think about WHY you are reacting the way you are to this captured childhood moment.

Let me show you another example, a photo of my son a few years ago at Halloween. Does your blood boil when you look at this? Do you question what kind of mother I am?

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I mouth off on political issues all the time. I am against this war. I use photos of my children all the time to further my causes. To make my points. To make you think.

So why lash out at Rosie?

Ask yourself-is it because it's her daughter..not her son?

Is it the bullets?

I see kids playing with toy guns all over my neighborhood.

Or is it because the thought of war, violence, military is too much for you to handle in the context of children. We teach them to respect our soldiers, to look up to them, to say "Wow, Captain Killing Machine-I think you are cool...I want to be just like you when I grow up." They play war in the backyard. They even use their fingers as guns when there are no toys to shoot around.

Makes you uncomfortable, doesn't it? Those two child soldiers ready to fight, simply doing what we have told them is admirable, honorable, and acceptable.

Now go look at the photo of Rosie's daughter one more time. Go look at the photo of my son one more time.

Tell me the difference.

Bravo Rosie. I'll keep posting my photos and mouthing off, promise me you will do the same.

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