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Esther Wojcicki
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Journalism/English teacher at Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto, CA for the past 27 years. Built the journalism program from a small group of 20 students in 1985 to one of the largest in the nation including 500 students, four additional journalism teachers, and five award-winning journalism electives: newspaper (The Campanile) , magazine (Verde), online (, television (InFocus), and Viking, a sports magazine. Selected by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing as 2002 California Teacher of the Year. Over the past 20 years, the publications have won Gold and Silver Crowns from Columbia Scholastic Press Association, the PaceMaker Award and Hall of Fame Award from National Scholastic Press, and best in nation from Time Magazine in 2003. The website was honored with two Webby Awards in 2005. She is V. Chair of the Board of Directors of Creative Commons focusing on education and learning.. She is also President of the Friends of the Lurdes Mutola Foundation to support girls' education in Mozambique. She is also a consultant for Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and Hewlett Foundation. She is on the Advisory Board for University of the People. She is married to Stanford University Physics Professor Stanley Wojcicki, and mother of three grown daughters, Susan, Janet and Anne, and seven grandchildren. Her daughter Anne is the co-founder of 23andMe, a personal genetics company.

Entries by Esther Wojcicki

5 Ways We Can Make 2016 Better for Women and Girls

(9) Comments | Posted March 5, 2016 | 9:47 AM

Written in conjunction with the Global Fund For Women

Tuesday, March 8 is International Women's Day and it is time to take a look at where we are.


In 2015 there was increased attention and leadership action to advocate for women...

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Antidote to Terror: Teaching Empathy Through the Global Lives Project

(0) Comments | Posted December 15, 2015 | 11:21 AM

Part II
Education does not have to reinforce the type of xenophobic thinking that devalues human life across political, religious and cultural borders. Education can liberate students from the pitfalls of stereotyping, and offer up opportunities for creative achievement and collaboration. The media arts in particular are a field...

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Thank a Teacher This Holiday Season

(0) Comments | Posted December 15, 2015 | 10:11 AM

Teaching is an art and a passion. It comes from the heart. Just feeling appreciated goes a long way in making teachers want to be creative and do more exciting things in the classroom. It makes them feel recognized for their efforts on behalf of your child...

So this holiday...

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The Antidote to Terror: Global Empathy

(1) Comments | Posted December 1, 2015 | 4:37 PM

As terror shook Paris two and a half weeks ago, I was in Brussels, wrapping up the latest leg of my book tour. I was staying less than a mile from Molenbeek, the neighborhood where the attacks on Paris were planned. During my trip, I spent quite a bit of...

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A Moonshot in Education Innovation: Amsterdam Goes Bottoms Up

(4) Comments | Posted August 23, 2015 | 2:12 PM

In collaboration with Judith Fischer

In a world where sci-fi writers are struggling to keep up with the fast-moving realities of the exponential age, education reform inadvertently lags far behind. This raises the question whether today's children are educated in a relevant, future oriented way....

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Should My Kid Learn to Code?

(15) Comments | Posted July 14, 2015 | 4:37 PM

Written by Maggie Johnson, Director of Education and University Relations, Google

Over the last few years, successful marketing campaigns such as Hour of Code and Made with Code have helped K12 students become increasingly aware of the power and relevance of computer programming across all...

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The Future is Now: Digital Learning Day is Today

(0) Comments | Posted March 13, 2015 | 2:13 AM


It isn't every day that it is DIGITAL LEARNING DAY, but today is just that: Friday, March 13, from 1 pm to 2: 15 pm EDT you will see examples of the best digital practices in classrooms around the country. It...

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An Apology and Clarification

(67) Comments | Posted January 27, 2015 | 8:49 AM

Suicide is a tragic situation, especially when it involves a young person. There are many causes and it is impossible to know exactly what caused it. I just want to tell the family of the student who committed suicide that I am very sorry I may have caused them more...

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Ten for '15: Looking Back and Forging Ahead

(2) Comments | Posted January 5, 2015 | 2:45 PM

It's that time again. New commitments and new resolutions to make...and hopefully keep. As educators and children's advocates we are involved in many initiatives whose goals are reimagining education and providing equal opportunity to all children. We are board members or advisors of some nonprofits that are doing remarkable work...

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Dash and Dot -- The Best Toy to Teach Computational Thinking

(0) Comments | Posted January 2, 2015 | 9:11 AM


What was the most engaging toy of the holiday season? From my personal research as a long time educator and a grandmother of nine, I would say that Wonder Workshop programmable robots for kids---Dash and Dot---- was one of the best toys of...

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Parenting Debate: Tiger Mom vs.Teacher Mom -- Today

(0) Comments | Posted November 8, 2014 | 6:55 AM


Interesting parenting debate today, Saturday, November 8. Me, mother of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, 23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki and Fulbright Award Professor Janet Wojcicki will debate parenting styles with the Tiger Mom, Amy Chua at the Mexican Conference
Cuidad de las Ideas...

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The War on Teacher Tenure

(111) Comments | Posted October 31, 2014 | 7:57 AM


Time Magazine's recent cover on teacher tenure has set up a furious debate nationwide about teachers and even a petition from the American Federation of Teachers for an apology from Time. The article itself is reasonable and...

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Engaging Those Kids in Writing

(1) Comments | Posted August 21, 2014 | 1:12 PM

Back to school is happening around the country. Exciting times for students and teachers. So what can we do differently and better this year? Here is one idea.

Teaching writing has been a challenge for teachers for years. That is one of the reasons why many adults are poor writers;...

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Making Sense of All That Data

(0) Comments | Posted March 2, 2014 | 9:29 AM

Hello World, here comes a great opportunity to understand data from the king of data -- Google.

Data is everywhere and most people have no idea how to use data or are afraid of it. So here is an opportunity that will change all that for anyone...

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How Will US Policymakers Respond to Our Falling PISA Test Scores?

(1) Comments | Posted December 19, 2013 | 2:41 PM

Hysteria. That is what I predict will be happening in education circles next year.

2014 may turn out to be frightening for education in America: We will likely see national hysteria over US students' falling scores, both in the recently released PISA test scores (Programme for International Student...

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TRICK in Education = Trust, Respect, Independence, Collaboration, and Kindness

(0) Comments | Posted October 25, 2013 | 3:03 AM


In my thirty years as a teacher, one thing I learned is that everyone -- policymakers, administrators, parents, philanthropists -- are looking for the magic key to improving education. In the 1990s, Bill Gates thought that small schools were that magic...

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And You Thought Censorship in China Was Bad, Look at Scholastic Journalism in America

(24) Comments | Posted July 4, 2013 | 9:32 AM


As we celebrate our country's birthday July 4, 2013, we need to think about what attracted us and our ancestors to this nation. In one word: freedom. Freedom of speech, of religion, to congregate... all spelled out in the Bill of Rights. Most of us enjoy...

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K-12 Educators: Get Your Kids Involved in the Presidential Election Through Engage2012.Org

(0) Comments | Posted September 22, 2012 | 12:27 AM

If we want to know what voters are really thinking about the issues facing the presidential candidates, ask the kids. They always tell it like it is.

Check out this new website where kids can learn how to interview community members about election issues and post them to...

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Calling all Educators! August is Connected Educators Month.

(0) Comments | Posted August 4, 2012 | 4:49 PM

August is an important month for educators. It's Connected Educators Month right now.

What does that mean? It means that you as an educator or interested parent can connect online to many keynotes and panels by well known educators who can give you tips on using technology effectively...

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"Why Open Education Matters?" Check Out the Video Winners

(0) Comments | Posted July 28, 2012 | 10:25 AM

Open Education just got a big boost with the announcement of the winners of the "Why Open Education Matters?" competition the week of July 18. Here are three amazing videos to tell you WHY it matters:

First Prize -
Congratulations to Blinktower, an extremely talented creative...

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