09/19/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Not New Rules But New Questions

1. How can David Harold serve one year in prison for raping and sodomizing a four-year-old girl but Michael Vick serve nearly two years for dog fighting? Is the life of an animal worth more than the life of a human being? Let alone a child?

2. Why do Republicans forget, when complaining about the 1.3 trillion dollar deficit, that this was the mess leftover from the Bush administration? Why do they forget that President Obama didn't create this but is rather attempting to fix it?

3. Why are so many Christians in favor of the death penalty when there is no possible way to justify that belief using the New Testament (which is the new covenant Christians are suppose to abide by brought by Jesus Christ)?

4. Why is it okay to send a 17-year-old child to fight a war (that we should not have even started in the first place) but not okay for another child that same age to play in the NBA?

5. Does it scare anyone else that Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh have as many supporters as they do?

6. Why does the United States have the highest reported incarceration rate in the world compared to its democratic, advanced market economy counterparts? The facts show that although crime rates have decreased since 1990, the rate of imprisonment has continued to increase. Why is that?

7. When I was in school the style was baggy clothes. Adults were afraid of and uncomfortable with the appearance and stereotyped the style of dress as that of a thug. The current generation of young people wear skinny jeans and tight shirts (which is horrible in my opinion). My question is, are adults as afraid of them as they were of us?

8. How can anyone be in favor of a health care system in which the patients are treated according to the amount of coverage their insurance company provides? Why is a government run insurance option such a terrible idea? If you are happy with your coverage you keep it and if you are one of the 50 million Americans who are not covered at all, you have the choice of a government option. I personally believe that insurance companies should be eliminated altogether, but if the public option will lower costs, ensure that there are affordable options for all Americans and increase choice and competition in the health insurance market, why is it looked at as such a terrible idea by so many people?

9. There have been many scare tactics employed mostly by Republicans of President Obama's health care plan. Claims such as:

Myth 1: "Health reform won't benefit people like me, who have insurance."
Myth 2: "The boomers will bankrupt Medicare."
Myth 3: "Reforming our health care system will cost us more."
Myth 4: "My access to quality health care will decline."
Myth 5: "I won't be able to visit my favorite doctor."
Myth 6: "The uninsured actually do have access to good care--in the emergency room."
Myth 7: "We can't afford to tackle this problem now."
Myth 8: "We'll end up with socialized medicine."

Why are so many people buying into these claims without their being any proof of one of these claims being true?

10. Why is the perception that if you disagree with some of the foreign policy and practices of Israel, you are labeled anti-Semitic? Why don't I ever hear the term anti-Palestinian?

11. During the recent debate on CNN between Ann Coulter and Rev. Al Sharpton, did Coulter really say that racial profiling doesn't exist? Did she really say that there is an assumption of racism by cops and that you have one hoax after another? Did she really say that eventually there has to be at least one real case of it? I can't believe that she actually believes this, but just in case she or anyone else does...

12. Is there perhaps a better method for Gov. Schwarzenegger to attempt to bail out California's budget deficit than to cut the heart out of the state's vital programs and services helping women, children and families deal with domestic violence? Was this line-item veto of the state's $20 million anti-family violence program evidence that he simply doesn't put women and families affected by domestic violence high on his list of priorities?

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