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Ethan Kahn

Blog Entries by Ethan Kahn

Seltzer: Not Just for Stooges and Marx-ists

Posted August 8, 2011 | 13:10:29 (EST)

I was reared on the sparkling stuff. Throughout my childhood, when thirst demanded to be slaked, a blue-topped bottle of Vintage brand seltzer was the natural choice as one was never too far from hand. Yes, seltzer and I go way back, and my fondness for it is wholehearted. Indeed,...

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A Response to B.R. Myers

Posted February 17, 2011 | 13:27:12 (EST)

Foodies are decadent, hyperbolic, and cultureless obsessives -- or so says B.R. Myers in the most recent issue of the Atlantic. Ostensibly, his article is a review of four food-related books, but perhaps it would be best characterized as a rant, in which he rails against a "gourmet...

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Room Temperature Beer

Posted February 9, 2011 | 16:46:11 (EST)

Recently, while in Newport, a friend took me to a bar known for their extensive and admirable beer selection. My friend ordered a Nøgne Ø Imperial Stout, a tar-like Norwegian brew, while I ordered a Dogfish Head World Wide Stout that clocked in at 19% ABV -- a...

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