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Ethan Rome


Debt-Ceiling Madness Has to Stop -- Call Congress Now.

Posted: 07/29/11 03:54 PM ET

It would be easy to criticize Speaker John Boehner's reckless and irresponsible political theater, but yesterday's spectacle in Congress speaks for itself. Enough! Call Congress and demand a clean debt-ceiling increase now.

For good reason, raising the debt ceiling has always been a routine bipartisan act of Congress. It is dangerous and foolish to toy with default by linking debt-ceiling increase to any contentious legislative initiative. This is especially true of a budget debate that forces fundamental questions over whether our government should protect tax loopholes for millionaires, billionaires and big corporations or protect seniors and middle-class families, a debate further complicated because it exposes deep divisions within the House Republican caucus.

That's why a clean debt-ceiling bill is the best way to solve this crisis.

Speaker Boehner's effort today to get the votes for a debt package that is dead-on-arrival in the Senate is as pointless as it is dangerous. Boehner and the Republicans are bringing us one step closer to a crisis that will wreck our economy and disrupt the lives of America's families. Because of their extremism, seniors may not get their Social Security checks and our soldiers fighting overseas will have to worry about whether their families back home will get their pay.

Our nation's politics have historically been held together by core values about putting country above party, about working together for the common good, especially in times of crisis. The House Republicans are tossing those values out the window.

This has to stop.

We can't wait anymore -- it's time for Congress to raise the debt ceiling immediately. You can click this link and tell Congress to act now.