Jon Stewart Is Beyond Funny: My Interview on the Daily Show

11/21/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Last night, I appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and one thing struck me above all else. Apart from being insanely funny (so much so that I totally forgot what I wanted to talk about), Jon Stewart does something so valuable for America. Over the past eight years of bitter national politics and now in the deeply divided condition of an election, he takes the very tools of division -- the absurd rhetoric, the fear -- and hate-mongering, the extremism of polarized politics -- and turns them on their head.

So everyday, the forces of evil build walls between us. And every night, Jon Stewart comes on and knocks them down. Of course, my part of the show was the totally unfunny bit where Jon reminds us that amid our laughter we need to stay focused and engaged not just on November 4th but on November 5th and beyond. In any event, I felt lucky to be there.