10/26/2009 11:09 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Now Is the Time

Now is the time to let Senators and Congressmen/women know you support and insist upon a public option for your health insurance purchases. It's an "option," remember, and the more options, the better. Everyone is still free to purchase what they like. It only means there'll be a government subsidized option that can be purchased, should insurance companies not offer a plan that meets your needs. (Meaning, insurance companies will experience some pressure to offer plans that do meet your needs.)

Incredibly, Democrats in the Senate are showing some actual backbone, some nerve, some daring, by offering the American public a tiny sliver of something that might one day grow to resemble what they already enjoy, in terms of their health care coverage. That's a monumental shift from anything that's happened before. So, if you agree with the philosophy, please let your feelings be known widely, and loudly. There's no guarantee it'll succeed. And my best guess is that the "courage" being demonstrated on Capitol Hill might not be impervious to puncture. Make sure those on the fence, and those resistant, realize that most Americans want and insist that a public option be included in health care reform.

Your voice needs to be heard. Now is the time. Now. Right... now....