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Evan Mulvihill


Shirtless Boys and Pretty Girls Get Political: Are Electric Zoo Ravers Voting for Obama or Romney? (PHOTOS)

Posted: 09/06/2012 8:05 pm

Call me a gotcha journalist, but I thought it might be interesting to ask ravers who they were planning on voting for in November's election. It all went down at Electric Zoo, the DJ-packed, three-day festival that occupied Randall's Island over Labor Day weekend 2012.

My subjects varied from a 21-year-old Dominican lady from the Bronx, who said, "I'm too drunk!" (at her request, her picture has not been included -- see how nice I am?) to the certified hottie below, who's actually not a hippy-dippy, bleeding-heart-liberal pansy but a young friend of Mitt Romney. In addition to grabbing as much of their name as they were comfortable giving, I asked their age, place of residence, and their "robotic spirit animal" -- that is my confusing way of asking partygoers to make their favorite animal a robot, all in the spirit of the "Electric Zoo" name.

Oh, and yeah, as the headline notes, I was only in the market to interview shirtless guys and pretty girls. Can you blame me?

Let's get this political rave party started with the physically talented, shirtless dude mentioned above, who goes by the name of Daniel Nudelman.

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  • This Hottie Is Hot For Romney

    <strong>Name:</strong> Daniel Nudelman <strong>The lowdown</strong>: 23, from Lake Havasu City, Ariz. <strong>Robotic spirit animal</strong>: Assassin dog <strong>Mitt or Barack</strong>: "Currently I am slightly undecided, leaning more toward Romney. I'm originally from Arizona, so I bring a little bit of that Republican out with me. But really I stand on the issues more so than the person. I believe in more of his financial outlook as well as his plan to fix the economy."

  • This Mother-Daughter Pair Doesn't Like Either Of 'Em

    <strong>Name:</strong> Ruth Esther Amara (left) <strong>The lowdown</strong>: Did not specify age, though she told us she had her daughter in a natural water birth <strong>Mitt or Barack</strong>: "I'm gonna vote for <em>me</em>. Because everyone's f*cked up in politics at this point. The real politics is the people! I'm gonna vote for you, I'm gonna vote for me, and I'm gonna vote for my daughter. And yes, I'm black. I'm half-African, but I can't vote for Barack." So, I asked, would she write in her own name? "Thank you for the idea! That's exactly what I'm gonna do." * * * * * <strong>Name:</strong> Hoshin Amara (right) <strong>The lowdown</strong>: Daughter of Ruth, from Virginia <strong>Robotic spirit animal</strong>: Robotic elephant <strong>Mitt or Barack</strong>: "I'm torn. I don't want to vote for either one of them, but I won't vote for Romney. I'd vote for a robotic elephant, though."

  • Pec Tattoo Dude Is A Bigger Fan Of Nipple Rings Than Politics

    <strong>Name:</strong> Mike L. <strong>The lowdown</strong>: 20, from Clifton, N.J. <strong>Robotic spirit animal</strong>: Tattooed killer chipmunk <strong>Mitt or Barack</strong>: "I could care less."

  • Yes, That Is A Mustache Tattoo On That Person's Finger

    <strong>Name:</strong> Alex Faber <strong>The lowdown</strong>: 24, from Queens, N.Y. <strong>Robotic spirit animal</strong>: Panda bear with major lazer eyes <strong>Mitt or Barack</strong>: "Obama, 'cause I love my president chocolate-flavored, baby."

  • Terrifying Made-In-China Pool Toy Does Not Approve Of Obama's Immigration Policies

    <strong>Name:</strong> Locknezz (where modern industrial manufacturing meets bad household-toy design) <strong>The lowdown</strong>: 3, from Beijing, China <strong>Robotic spirit animal</strong>: Himself <strong>Mitt or Barack</strong>: "As a recent illegal immigrant, I'm voting for Romney, because Obama has not been so great on immigration."

  • She Voted For Him Once, And She'll Do It Again

    <strong>Name:</strong> Stephanie S. <strong>The lowdown</strong>: 22 <strong>Robotic spirit animal</strong>: ? <strong>Mitt or Barack</strong>: "Barack Obama. No doubt." She even voted for him in 2008. What's wrong with Mitt? "Well, I feel like he's completely out of touch with reality, and so is his running mate, Paul Ryan."

  • Three Non-Blondes

    <strong>Name:</strong> Diana D. (left) <strong>The lowdown</strong>: 21, from San Diego, Calif. <strong>Mitt or Barack</strong>: "Barack. I think he looks out more for the middle class." * * * * * <strong>Name:</strong> Candice C. (right) <strong>The lowdown</strong>: 24, from San Jose, Calif. <strong>Mitt or Barack</strong>: "Undecided. I'm not that into the politics. I guess Barack is doing a good job so far. And he's younger and hotter." * * * * * <strong>Name:</strong> Tiffany C. (middle) <strong>The lowdown</strong>: 19, from San Francisco, Calif. <strong>Mitt or Barack</strong>: "Can I not do the interview?" We'll take that as a Ron Paul endorsement.

  • Republicans Are Apparently Not So Great On Women's Rights, Say These Ladies

    <strong>Name:</strong> Linna Chen (left) <strong>The lowdown</strong>: 26, from Manhattan, N.Y. <strong>Robotic spirit animal</strong>: Zombie panda doing a handstand <strong>Mitt or Barack</strong>: "I am actually a Republican, but I'm going to vote for Barack. As a female, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney and the Republican Party actually scare the shit out of me. Women's rights will regress if they get elected." * * * * * <strong>Name:</strong> Liz Beukenkamp (right) <strong>The lowdown</strong>: 26, from Brooklyn, N.Y. <strong>Robotic spirit animal</strong>: Liger doing a flip <strong>Mitt or Barack</strong>: "I agree with Linna. I think that Romney and Ryan will regress women's rights, and it also feels like Obama is more aware of needs like education, and how there needs to be more resources for that, and reform, and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan seem to care less about that."

  • 'Just Friends'

    <strong>Name:</strong> Nicole O'Reilly (left) <strong>The lowdown</strong>: 26, from Taunton, Mass. <strong>Robotic spirit animal</strong>: Glow-in-the-dark zebra <strong>Mitt or Barack</strong>: "Not Obama! I don't even know who's running?" Does the name Mitt Romney ring a bell? "No. I don't know nothin' about politics." * * * * * <strong>Name:</strong> Dave Lyman (right) <strong>The lowdown</strong>: 28, from Taunton, Mass. <strong>Robotic spirit animal</strong>: White tiger that can dance better than humans <strong>Mitt or Barack</strong>: "Don't know yet.... I'm not happy with either of them." Why? "I don't really follow politics too much."

  • A Boy After His Mother's Heart

    <strong>Name:</strong> James J. <strong>The lowdown</strong>: From South Brunswick, N.J. <strong>Mitt or Barack</strong>: "My mom's a staunch Republican, so I would probably vote for Mitt Romney, 'cause, as I can see now, all the taxes are getting raised all over the place. Cigarettes are $15 in New York." Did he think Romney would lower cig taxes? "I'm not sure. Maybe. I haven't really looked into like that. But my mom is like a political addict."


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