07/21/2011 11:12 am ET | Updated Sep 20, 2011

"How To" Beauty Tutorial: The Eve Pearl Method for Choosing and Applying Blush


Can't decide between Pink, Peach, or Bronzer? Makeup Professional Eve Pearl suggests using all three colors to give your cheeks a multi-faceted glow. No need to match your blush to your clothing, your blush should make YOU look your best, regardless of what you are wearing. Eve shows us how a trio of blushes and a fan brush can brighten and lift the face with proper application.


Eve has already used HD Dual Foundation and Pressed Powder to match our model's face to the rest of her body, covering up her rosacea without making her skin look chalky (see the Foundation tutorial here). Now that the skin is even and clear, we can bring color back into her face, this time strategically placing the blush to contour and illuminate.


Take a fan brush and sweep it across all three colors: the pink blush, the peach blush, and the bronzer. Hold the Fan brush parallel to your jawline and apply the blush across the cheek in a back-and-forth motion, keeping the color high on the cheek area. If you are not sure where to apply the blush, simply smile and apply directly to the apples of your cheeks. NOTE: Try not to use large/thick blush brushes, they tend to pick up too much color, causing you to spend just as much time wiping off the blush as you did putting it on.


Applying blush is the final highlight of Eve Pearl's method of Reverse Contouring. Eve's method defines the cheekbone without having to create an unnatural shadow beneath it (which actually ends up giving a more rounded appearance or if really done wrong, leaves you looking like you have dirt on your face). By applying the blush on the apples of your cheeks and sweeping it upwards towards the eyes, it actually brings the focus higher on the face and gives the appearance of a face lift. The result is a youthful and beaming face with natural-looking color placement. And that's what makeup is supposed to help us create...a natural-looking, healthy glow!!


Megan Mjaatvedt for EVE PEARL

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Sweet Cheeks Blush Trio
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