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AHN SUN MI: "Möbius Strip"

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Her self-portraits are stunning, poetic and dreamlike at the same time. The young Korean artist Ahn Sun Mi sets herself in a nostalgic world, between childhood and sensuality. Her photographic work, both dreams and reality, reveals her fears. Humane nor pessimism, Sun Mi reflects our fragile time, causing aesthetic and voluptuous sensations.

Sun Mi's surreal self-portraits tell a story, with smooth color shades or, the opposite, clashing bright colors. These contrasts are her uniqueness and originality, between colored Manga and softness, zen, meditative moments.

Ahn Sun Mi was born in 1982 in Busan, South Korea. She lives and works in Paris and Busan.

Möbius Strip is currently on exhibit at Visionairs Gallery, Paris

Ahn SunMi
Möbius Strip
 Copyright © Ahn Sun Mi
 © Ahn Sun Mi
 © Ahn Sun Mi
 © Ahn Sun Mi
© Ahn Sun Mi

A look at Ahn Sun Mi's early photographic work
Je suis Alice, 2007
 © Ahn Sun Mi

Choloncholo, 2007
 © Ahn Sun Mi

Bonbon, 2009
© Ahn Sun Mi

Courtesy of the artist and Visionairs Gallery, Paris
Ahn Sun Mi: Möbius Strip
October 8th - October 27th, 2012