05/22/2012 04:30 pm ET | Updated Jul 22, 2012

Jean-François Rauzier's HYPERPHOTOS: An Invitation To An Exceptional Journey

Think BIG with this series of hyper-detailed photographs. The French digital artist Jean-François Rauzier creates a world beyond limits, spectacular panoramic landscapes in which the huge and the tiny are melded together, into the same vision.

Between installation and photography, Hyperphotos are gigantic hyperrealist puzzle, photographic reconstructions of real places, created by assembling hundreds of close-up shots taken with a telephoto lens. Rauzier's evocative images transport the viewer into a fantastic universe, a dreamworld.

"Hyperphotos are the realization of an old dream that would be impossible without digital technology: to see the big picture and at the same time the close-up, to stop time and be able to examine all the details of the fixed image."

~~ Jean-François Rauzier

Hyperphotos are currently on exhibit at Le Royal Monceau - Raffles Paris Art District.

© Jean-François Rauzier / Courtesy Galerie Paris-Beijing
Angelica, 2010, Bibliothéques Ideales (Ideal Libraries) series

© Jean-François Rauzier / Courtesy Galerie Paris-Beijing
Dedale  #2, 2010, Babylones series

© Jean-Francois Rauzier / Courtesy Galerie Paris-Beijing
Molitor swimming pool, 2010, Paris series