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Evelyne Politanoff

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Peter Lindbergh: The Naked Truth

Posted: 05/30/2012 9:39 am

"Naked Truth" is another beautiful photoshoot from the legendary German photographer Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Germany June 2012. In this series, Lindbergh photographed eleven well-known women unadorned, makeup-free and unadulterated by Photoshop, just their pure, natural beauty.

" I try to be truthful in my work. There are no short cuts -- if you set out with the intention of making people ugly to achieve a powerful photograph it is a fake. On the other hand beauty cannot be 'done'. Again I come back to this nebulous word 'truth': perhaps more than anything it is trying to explain something truthful about yourself and about your perception of the way the woman sees herself. "

A NSFW excerpt from the book Images of Women.

Naked Truth

Model Nadja Auermann © Peter Lindbergh

Nadja Auermann © Peter Lindbergh

Model Toni Garrn © Peter Lindbergh

Karina Krawczyk © Peter Lindbergh

Model Hanna Wähmer © Peter Lindbergh

Model Hanna Wähmer © Peter Lindbergh

Photographer Donata Wenders © Peter Lindbergh

Editor in chief Christiane Arp © Peter Lindbergh

Actress Nina Hoss © Peter Lindbergh

Nina Hoss © Peter Lindbergh

Model Katrin Thormann © Peter Lindbergh

Katrin Thormann © Peter Lindbergh

Katrin Thormann © Peter Lindbergh

Model Luca Gajdus © Peter Lindbergh

Luca Gajdus © Peter Lindbergh

Model Jana Drews © Peter Lindbergh

Jana Drews © Peter Lindbergh

Model Julia Stegner © Peter Lindbergh

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