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F. Yusef
F. is a student at a British university who is somewhat active in the university's Islamic society. Having realized that they were "different" at age 6, F. is now in their early 20s but remains in the closet. Recognizing the severe lack of support for those looking to reconcile their sexuality with their Islamic faith, F. hopes to work in the future to bridge the gap in advice and support for young British Muslims.

Blog Entries by F. Yusef

Gay Muslims: The Elephant in the (Prayer) Room

(37) Comments | Posted December 3, 2012 | 1:19 PM

Muslims, I find, tend to be quite good at avoiding open discussions about deeply personal matters affecting our communities. The problem is that this attitude leads to the circulation of myths and thus unhelpful solutions and the subsequent worsening of the original matter. Muslim communities tend to treat such deeply...

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