The Faithful Shopper: Fit for Summer

05/13/2014 05:57 pm ET | Updated Jul 13, 2014

Memorial Day is coming soon, and that means it's well past time to get yourself in shape for the beach! Work out at a gym or at home, then get a massage or three to work out the kinks at any of the following:

Work it Out

2014-05-13-EQUINOXpanel1.jpg Equinox Sports Club - Multiple locations The latest classes and training techniques meet outstanding service and some wellness treatments at Equinox, which often sets the standard for fitness facilities around the country.

2014-05-13-SOULCYCLEpanel1.jpg SoulCycle - Multiple locations All about indoor cycling - and the internal journey you experience with each class. It's a party, a training session and an endurance test that will make you that much healthier every time.

2014-05-13-ErikaBloompanel1.jpg Erika Bloom Pilates - Multiple locations Balance your body (and your mind) with the customized programs developed for each client here. You may not be a dancer but you'll look like one after a few sessions here!

Equip Yourself

2014-05-13-GymSourcepanel1.jpg GymSource - 40 East 52nd Street If you're equipping an entire home gym, or just picking up the one piece of equipment you'll need, trust the experts here to deliver the right products that will make you look forward to your daily workout.

2014-05-13-ModellsSportingGoods.jpg Modell's - Multiple locations If your fitness goals focus more along sports, stop in here for everything from basketballs to hockey sticks to boxing gloves to golf clubs. (Then pick up a shirt to show your love for your favorite team - you have to wear something!)

2014-05-13-ParagonSports.jpg Paragon - 867 Broadway This looks like a huge superstore, but it's really a series of boutiques, each focusing on the equipment and apparel you need for your sport or activity, with expert advice to boot!

2014-05-13-CitySports.jpg City Sports - 390 Fifth Avenue - 64 West 48th Street - 50 Broadway The list of sports this store can help you with is endless: find equipment for tennis, lacrosse, field hockey, baseball, running, and more.


2014-05-13-GuerlainSpapanel1.jpg Guerlain Spa at the Waldorf Astoria - 100 East 50th Street Make your skin as fit and healthy looking as the rest of you with the magnificent treatments here. A destination spa in the heart of Midtown.

2014-05-13-MandarinOrientalpanel1.jpg Mandarin Oriental - 80 Columbus Circle Before or between treatments, stop in at the yoga studio or the fully equipped gym, and come out even more stunning than you were before.

2014-05-13-BLISSpanel1.jpg Bliss - 541 Lexington Avenue - 12 West 57th Street - 568 Broadway Bliss isn't just about relaxing treatments - it's about scientific breakthroughs in skin and body care that will keep you feeling and looking better long after you leave.

2014-05-13-CorneliaSpapanel1.jpg Cornelia Spa at the Surrey - 20 East 76th Street It's back and better than ever. A Midtown bastion, Cornelia has relocated uptown, bringing its unique blend of service and spectacularly scented products back to the city.

Get your body and your soul in shape for summer.

Happy Shopping!