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Fauzia Burke
Fauzia Burke is the Founder and President of FSB Associates, an Internet marketing firm specializing in creating online awareness for books and authors. From the company's inception in 1995, Fauzia has been a trendsetter in developing integrated online marketing campaigns for authors and publishers alike. FSB has played a role in the success of numerous chart-toppers, including novels by Daniel Silva, Mitch Albom, Michael Cunningham, Tana French, Barbara Delinsky, Jonathan Franzen, Sue Grafton, and Jacqueline Winspear; and nonfiction titles by Doug Stanton, Alan Alda, Barbara Ehrenreich, Dr. Arthur Agatston, Al Gore, Linda Greenlaw, Tony Horwitz, Richard A. Clarke, Vincent Bugliosi, Marlo Thomas, and Bob Woodruff.

Before starting FSB Associates, Fauzia worked for John Wiley and Henry Holt. She lives in Basking Ridge, NJ with her husband and two daughters.

For more information, please visit the network of FSB sites: FSB Associates, FSB Media, and WrittenVoices.

Entries by Fauzia Burke

11 Ways to Promote Your Book Year Round

(6) Comments | Posted March 26, 2014 | 3:51 PM

I probably don't have to tell you that marketing your book is a year-round endeavor. Today's digital world provides you with endless ways to market your book and connect directly with your readers. Just like we all build relationships in the real world... with an investment of your time, you...

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How to Engage Readers With Your Facebook Page

(0) Comments | Posted March 6, 2014 | 10:51 AM

Just when you thought you were all set to promote your book on your website, I'm writing to you about making your Facebook fan page shine. Spending time on social media sites can feel like a time sink, I know, but there is a bright side. Your Facebook fan page...

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How to Drive Traffic to Your Website: Q&A With Ric Dragon

(0) Comments | Posted February 18, 2014 | 9:56 AM

Ric Dragon is the CEO and co-founder of DragonSearch, a digital marketing agency, and author of Social Marketology, as well as a contributing writer for MarketingLand and Social Media Today. I met Ric Dragon at the Brite Conference at Columbia University, and I was immediately impressed with him. I heard...

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Living Wholeheartedly: An Experiment

(0) Comments | Posted January 24, 2014 | 9:44 AM

Last year the fabulous Seth Godin recommended an audio program by Brene Brown that changed me in so many profound ways. I consider that recommendation and then listening to the audio program one of the highlights of 2013. It is called "The Power of Vulnerability," and I can't...

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5 Ways to Manage Stress This Holiday Season

(4) Comments | Posted November 27, 2013 | 10:51 AM


Holidays can be a stressful time. Every time I am in a parking lot of a shopping mall and see people fighting over the last parking spot, I think we need to all remember this is supposed to be a joyous time. I...

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Authors, Your Brand is Your Baby

(1) Comments | Posted November 19, 2013 | 4:51 PM

2013-11-19-brand.jpgWait for it, wait for it. Your baby's smile is coming. I promise.

Sometimes when I am talking to clients, I use a newborn as a metaphor for personal branding. I know it's crazy, but hear me out. The first four weeks...

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Married to Your Work: How to Be in Business with Your Spouse

(2) Comments | Posted November 1, 2013 | 5:04 PM

"The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they're right if you love to be with them all of the time." -- Julia Child

My husband and I were both working in the publishing industry 18 years ago when I had an...

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5 Reasons Authors Should Blog

(0) Comments | Posted October 24, 2013 | 5:44 PM

Writing blogs can be distracting, they can be a time sink, unproductive, and a waste of time. There, I listed most of the arguments against blogging. Now let me make my case. Being an author in 2013 is like being a small business owner. You need a marketing strategy or...

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4 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude Every Day

(17) Comments | Posted October 15, 2013 | 8:12 AM

"I don't have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness -- it's right in front of me if I'm paying attention and practicing gratitude." -- Brene Brown

Recently I read Brene Brown's book, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead,...

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Social Media vs. Social Networking

(0) Comments | Posted October 2, 2013 | 4:10 PM

Although most of us use the terms interchangeably, there is a difference between social media and social networking. For me, understanding the distinctions was a big aha moment. To develop a comprehensive and effective digital marketing strategy, it is helpful (even crucial) to understand the differences.

Social Media

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7 Great Ways to Promote Your eBook

(0) Comments | Posted September 20, 2013 | 4:40 PM

Today producing books (e or p) has never been easier, but promoting them has never been more difficult. There is a lot of noise in both online and offline media, and trying to get attention is challenging for sure. However, publishing a book is a dream come true for every...

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5 Benefits of Personal Branding for Authors

(6) Comments | Posted September 10, 2013 | 12:47 PM

When I was growing up, my grandfather used to say, "Get an education because once you have it, no one can take it away from you." I feel the same way about authors and their personal brands. As authors, once you build and establish your personal brand, no one can...

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How I End Every Day With Zero Emails and You Can Too

(1) Comments | Posted July 12, 2013 | 12:07 PM

Email has taken over our business day as well as nights and weekends. At the beginning of this year, I started keeping track of how much time I spend on email and the results were shocking. The short answer is too much, way too much. Right then, I made a...

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4 Ways to Create Compelling Content

(2) Comments | Posted June 25, 2013 | 6:19 PM

If your business blog is all about what you want to write about and what you want to market and sell, your blog, as they say, could be an epic fail. While it's great to generate regular content about your business and its niche, the driving factor for your content...

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Cultivating Super Fans With eNewsletters

(0) Comments | Posted May 22, 2013 | 12:28 PM

Social media is sexy, but the real power of your relationship with your fans is in email newsletters. The people on your mailing list are your "Super Fans." They are the ones who have given you permission to show up in their inbox. That invitation is very valuable.

Think about...

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18 Business Lessons in 18 Years

(0) Comments | Posted May 2, 2013 | 9:25 AM

Do you remember where you were when you saw the Internet for the first time? I do. I was working at Henry Holt and an assistant asked me to check out something cool. He showed me a page of text on his computer. Nothing impressive yet, then he clicked on...

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Moms, Can We Please Give Each Other a Break?

(51) Comments | Posted March 25, 2013 | 1:49 PM

I think you are all awesome (dads are fabulous too, but that's for another blog). I have never met a mother who did not express her love for her children in the most beautiful way. Working or not. Religious or not. Affectionate or not. Struggling or not. Leaning in or...

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Best Marketing Options for Authors

(0) Comments | Posted March 9, 2013 | 3:58 PM

As authors, you know there are a lot of marketing options for promoting your book these days. There's publicity, advertising and of course social media, but before you invest your money and time, it is important to know the benefits and challenges of the three types of marketing options (commonly...

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8 Ways to Increase Engagement on Facebook

(4) Comments | Posted March 1, 2013 | 11:09 AM

As of January 2013, Facebook has 1 billion users. 219 billion photos have been uploaded and there have been 140.3 billion friend connections. The average age of users is about 22.

Clearly Facebook is not going anywhere and although my teens hardly use it anymore, many of us...

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How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Book

(2) Comments | Posted February 20, 2013 | 5:50 PM

You may think of Pinterest as a place where scrapbooking fans, home interior aficionados and fashionistas go to hang out online and share images, but Pinterest is a social networking site that can be used for so much more. A year ago, Pinterest increased its unique visitors by 155 percent...

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