Fantasy Trip from Your Kid

07/11/2012 05:47 pm ET | Updated Sep 10, 2012

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I met Vivian by chance while travelling throughout Turkey. My husband and I were hanging out poolside in Bodrum when I spotted this 20-something American with gorgeous almond skin. I have to admit I was ogling her a bit (not in a stalking way) due to her gorgeous, unlined beauty. She was slathering on Kiehl's Super Fluid (a UV Sunscreen) while I was knee deep in La Roche-Posay Athelios 60 (a French product that I got at CVS). Before plunging into conversation with her, I was seriously thinking, If I switch brands, maybe I'd have a shot at eternal youth?

Felice: So, Vivian, are you traveling alone?

Vivian: No, I was with my mom for the first part of the trip but she had to go back to the States a few days ago.

Felice: Wait -- Stop - You were traveling with your mom? Tell me about that.

Vivian: It was my mother's day gift to my mom.

Felice: You gifted your mom a trip to Turkey? Wow! How did you come up with that idea?

Vivian: Why not? She never hesitated to give me anything in my life -- why shouldn't I do the same for her?

Felice: So how did it come about?

Vivian: She wanted me to come home for Memorial Day but I really wanted to go on a vacation. I only had four days off work. My Mom was disappointed that I didn't want to go home to St. Louis. So I decided to surprise her and take her to Turkey with me -- I had always wanted to go there.

First, I called her to see if she could take some days off, and then I hung up the phone. She probably thought we were going to go to Chicago. I called her back after I bought the tickets and told her we were going to Turkey together.

She was SHOCKED. "No you didn't!" she said with disbelief in her voice, but I could tell she was beyond thrilled. She said she'd pay for the ticket and the hotel but I was all, "No need, Mom. I already bought everything."

She told everyone in her office. Her friends were all bragging about how their daughters were buying them flowers, but my mom set a new standard with "My daughter bought me a mother/daughter trip to Turkey."

Felice: So how did you guys do together?

Vivian: We hadn't traveled together alone since I was in 7th grade, but it worked out great. In fact, it was phenomenal. We went to Istanbul, Izmir and Ephesus. I continued on to Bodrum for a few days on my own. I miss her -- she didn't want to take more days off from work.

Felice: What's your advice for BA50 moms -- how can they plant this seed?

Vivian: Well, they should know that even if your daughters don't take you on a trip to Turkey, they still love you.

Felice: I have two boys -- any thoughts on that?

Vivian: I think Greece would be good for you guys for next year. You should look into it.

FYI: Vivian is a 2011 graduate of Wharton. She is in Brand Marketing for Kiehl's and loves her work.

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