Kelly Ripa for VP?

06/03/2008 06:40 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

When Lee Camp submitted his list of potential VPs for Obama a few weeks back he neglected to include one prominent figure who's sure to start her meteoric rise once the polls close tonight and senator Obama clinches the Democratic nomination: Kelly Ripa.

Once Clinton concedes, Obama will have to figure out a way to make sure that white women voters stay in his camp, and what better way to do this, while shoring up the white working class vote, than by tagging Ripa as his running mate.

There are some who will say an Obama/Ripa ticket will be lean on foreign policy experience, but that's just republican spin machine operating again. Obama/Ripa are simply lean, which is a boon as the US continues waging its war on obesity.

The republicans are shaking in their boots at the prospect of an Obama/Ripa ticket because as anyone who's ever seen Regis and Kelly can attest to, no world leader, much less Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has the capacity to avoid Ripa's charm. And Ripa's involvement in international affairs would lead to such exponential progress in American Foreign Policy that I could already see Yale and Harvard battling to see who wins the right to name a school after her.

When this becomes a reality soon after Clinton concedes, just remember where you heard it first.

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