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Jeff Jones and Gay Haubner


The Tale of Bitey: An Ex-Pat Search for the Perfect Costa Rican Dog

Jeff Jones and Gay Haubner | Posted September 25, 2012

One big reason to have a dog in Puerto Viejo is security. Pretty much anything that isn't nailed down is fair game around here, petty burglaries aren't uncommon -- and we determined we wanted... a beast.
Waldo Mellon


Good and Bad

Waldo Mellon | Posted August 23, 2012

My husband and I have had a running argument and we've agreed to consult you as the final arbiter. I contend that people are basically good. My husband contends that people are basically bad. Who wins?
Paul Spector, M.D.


Weighty Medicine: Pumping Iron Comes of Age

Paul Spector, M.D. | Posted August 23, 2012

Clinical research has demonstrated that resistance training benefits everyone, from children to seniors.
Debra Sharon Davis


The Back-To-School Frenzy Ignites Wisdom And Bittersweet Memories For Empty Nesters

Debra Sharon Davis | Posted August 24, 2012

In just a few years, the challenge for parents has become even more daunting as kids constantly measure themselves against the lives of their friends on Facebook. ...How can parents imbue their children with the sense that the greater race is within them?
Ben Thomas


Glitches in the Matrix: The Science of Memory Mishaps

Ben Thomas | Posted August 23, 2012

As far as A.K.P. could tell, everything he experienced had happened before. Every news headline, every episode of every show on TV, every visit from a friend, every conversation with his wife seemed to tickle the edges of memories that lay just out of reach.
Kathryn Haslanger


Five-Minute De-Stressers for Family Caregivers

Kathryn Haslanger | Posted August 23, 2012

When you can't find the perfect care situation that enables you to take long stretches of quality time to yourself, we recommend you do the next best thing -- commit to just five minutes a day to do something for yourself.
Terry Kirkman


A Gathering Of Stars And A Night To Remember

Terry Kirkman | Posted August 23, 2012

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Brian Cole, one of my partners in the vocal group The Association, died 40 years ago this month. I miss him all the time. In honor of him and a whole lot of other gone-but-not-forgotten friends of that time, I'd like to share a poem I wrote 23 years ago.
Marlo Thomas


Make Room for (the New) Daddy

Marlo Thomas | Posted August 23, 2012

Times have changed. Used to be that that too many dads were stoic and distant figures who returned home from work just long enough to kiss their kids goodnight, then retire to their easy chairs to read the paper and have a scotch. But today's gender roles are melting into one another.
Alan Zweibel


I'm A What?

Alan Zweibel | Posted August 23, 2012

The ad agency for a commercial I'm reading for described my character as a funny old Jew. Me? A Funny Old Jew? Sorry. Mel Brooks is a funny old Jew. If Henny Youngman were still alive he'd be a funny old Jew. I have no idea if Henry Kissinger is funny but, in the very least, he's an old Jew.