Miles Regis' 'Messages for the People' at Fusion MIA Provokes and Inspires

12/06/2013 02:27 pm ET | Updated Feb 05, 2014

Art Basel turns Miami Beach into a stage showcasing incredibly innovative and important contemporary art from around the globe. But under a 10,000-square-foot tent in the Wynwood District, art fuses with music, fashion, and philanthropy.

Art of Fusion MIA will present Miles Regis and his "Messages For the People" exhibit. "Messages" consists of intricate pieces fusing image with text to provide profound social and cultural commentary. Modern day hieroglyphics color Regis's canvases delivering astute observations in vibrant color and exercise his ability to channel his artistic paternal ancestors while still maintaining a shrewd individuality.

His signature use of eyes in his pieces seduce any viewer to look deeper for there is undoubtedly a message in this collection for everyone. The simplicity of black and white structure, starkly juxtaposed with the complex dimension of color, creates the draw for pieces like "COME TOGETHER" and DON'T BOX ME IN. It is almost impossible to not hear the shouts within these visuals that seamlessly encompass struggle, strength and triumph.

Says Regis, "I am most excited about reaching such a diverse audience with my 'Messages For The People' showing. It excites me to be able to show in a Miami setting as the audience here is truly an international art loving crowd during Art Basel." "And where else can I access so many Trinidadians and Caribbean folk in such a meaningful manner?" Adds Regis, "As always there are messages of love and of unity and togetherness. I am proud of the variety of powerful statements being made. Some paintings featured are sure to start very interesting dialogue on subject matters that vary from race relations to age old stereotyping. Paintings with titles such as "I Am So Jealous" and "Don't Box Me In" as well as "Modern Slave" are as provocative as the titles would suggest. I am particularly proud of the sociopolitical statements highlighted in this showing."

The increasingly diverse crowd at Basel creates a unique platform for Miles Regis to deliver his sleekly constructed messages. Both neo art lovers and veteran art collectors will find something to consume and digest delightfully.

As a lifelong champion of the arts I am incredibly excited to partner with curators Artist Muse as the producer of such an amazing event. "Art inspires everything I do and I believe the talent of Miles inspires not only collectors like myself, but also his fellow artists on a deeply profound level." Says LA-based artist Retna, "Miles Regis completely embodies the heart and spirit of Art Basel and is one of the most genuine and beautiful souls of the game."

The beauty of art in its rawest form lies in the delicate trust of an artist and his people. Miles Regis showcases his ability to absorb his inspiration seamlessly and deposit it back into his work. This collection transcends boundaries of and continues to push Regis into a spotlight aptly deserved.