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15 Frozen Desserts (Whether You Have an Ice Cream Maker or Not)

Posted: 07/18/11 06:30 PM ET

15 of our favorite frozen desserts -- whether you have an ice cream maker (try, say Toasted Coconut Gelato) or don't (go with S'mores Semifreddo). 15 perfectly cool endings to any summer dinner.

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Strawberry-Fennel Ice Cream
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Amanda & Merrill's notes:

You would think that the key ingredient in this ice cream would be the fragrant fennel pollen, but it's actually the agave nectar. It makes for a featherlight custard and a sweetness that recedes to the shadows, allowing all the attention fall on the berries. The fennel does its work, too, and we liked how gluttonforlife let it infuse the ice cream without overpowering it. If you can't get fennel pollen, don't sweat it -- just add ground anise seed or fennel seed in the same proportion. - A&M

Get the recipe.

Photo: Sarah Shatz
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