20 Essential Dishes to Get You Through the Winter

02/27/2014 08:46 am ET | Updated Apr 29, 2014

At Food52 we see you there, huddled under your blanket on your couch, with fuzzy socks on and a gigantic sweater. We know it feels too cold to move, to even sneak your arm out from underneath the covers and grab the television remote. But we've got twenty new blankets for you right here: twenty dishes to warm up with, to cuddle up with, to get up from your couch for and cook. It's been a long, tough winter -- here's the way to get through it.

Porridge from Food52


Beef bourguignon from Food52


Scalloped potatoes from Food52


Ramen from Food52


Bolognese from Food52 


Chicken stoup from Food52


Carbonara from Food52


Short ribs from Food52 


Tomato soup from Food52


Chili from Food52


Roast chicken from Food52


Risotto from Food52


Macaroni and cheese from Food52


French onion soup from Food52


Pot roast from Food53


Mashed potatoes from Food52


Hot toddy from Food52


Roasted veg from Food52


Polenta from Food52


Hot chocolate from Food52

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