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7 Summer Sandwiches

Posted: 06/10/11 06:05 PM ET

7 summer sandwiches, perfect for picnics or sprucing up a brown bag lunch.

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Shrimp and Chorizo Sandwich
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Amanda's Notes:

I'm either incredibly lazy or just addicted to my laptop. Once I get settled in at the food52 office, I have a hard time breaking from my daily three-part fix -- Twitter, Chartbeat, and my in-box -- to walk more than 5 blocks for lunch. Which is reason 397 why I love our new office. We're close to Taralucci e Vino, Eataly, and a great Korean soup place, and we're just a few steps from 'wichcraft, Tom Colicchio's sandwich chain, where I've tasted nearly everything on the menu. One item that I like to have as a warm-up to the peanut butter creamwich is the shrimp-and-chorizo sandwich with aioli.

Multiple, focused "tastings" have allowed me to decipher the sandwich's ingredients -- shrimp, chorizo, garlic mayonnaise, scallion, and arugula -- and reassemble it in my kitchen. What I've discovered is that the sandwich is extra good if eaten while the shrimp are still warm. My friend Joe, whom I venture to lunch with now and then, says I should write a column called "The Counterfeit Cook" because I'm always studying restaurant recipes to replicate them at home. Thus, the Counterfeit Cook lunch series begins -- like right this minute -- and will be a short series, since i don't want to have to walk too far.

Get the recipe.

Photo: Sarah Shatz
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