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5 Essential Summer Cooking Gadgets

Posted: 07/22/11 05:52 PM ET

Summer cooking and dining is about simplicity: Enjoying the hot weather's garden bounty and cool, sweet desserts, grilling every chance you get before the Weber freezes shut and sipping continuously on a light, refreshing drink while doing so. Be sure to follow these 4 food tips to help you stay cool and also avoid these foods when the mercury starts pushing triple digits.

When it comes to gadgets which will help you cook in the summer, we normally eschew newfangled one-trick ponies that take up precious space in our kitchens, but agree hands-down that there is no summer cooking without these five essentials.

Flavor injector
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It may look cruel, but immunizing your meat against blandness is actually the kindest thing you could do. This more direct approach to marinating results in tender, flavorful steaks and poultry that tastes like it's been basted from the inside out. Not all flavor injectors are the same, however, so we vaccinated anything that would stand still long enough (is this metaphor getting weird yet?) with our favorite marinades to see what stuck.

Check out our flavor injector picks.
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