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7 Food Related Dating Dilemmas, Solved

Posted: 08/03/11 02:30 PM ET

Why does it seem like so many dating dilemmas revolve around food? What to eat? What not to eat? Where to eat or not eat it? We've taken 7 of the most common his 'n hers conundrums and solved them in style. Never again will you find yourself stranded with a pile of zucchini strings you were pretty sure was supposed to be linguine, or pronounce an exotic dish with all the finesse of a trailer park hoedown.

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I’m meeting the parents. Where do we go for dinner?
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Meeting the parents is always a magical moment. They size you up, you quake in fear that they know what you’re really up to, and someone inevitably doesn’t like the food at the restaurant. Quell everyone’s anxiety by picking a great spot everyone will enjoy, using our handy guide to getting it right the first time.

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