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7 Great Grilling Recipes for 4th of July

Posted: 06/30/11 02:45 PM ET

If the July 4th makes you think about fireworks first and grilling second, we're here to change your mind. If it makes you think of American independence first, then fireworks, then grilling...well, we may have our work cut out for us. Here at Food Republic we take the food of the flame very seriously. So seriously in fact that if by fate's cruel hand we're rained out of the backyard or beach scene, we penned this comprehensive guide to authentic grilling indoors.

But that won't happen this year. Not to us, at least. And because the weather will be perfect, the barbecue hot and smoky and the beverages free-flowing (see, freedom), we present 7 of our best grilling recipes to liberate ourselves from the oppression of the burger/dog cookout and declare independence from ketchup and mustard alone.

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Blue Grilled Pizza
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There are any number of red and white toppings to display 2/3 of your patriotism on your pizza, but blue? Worry not, we’ve got you covered. A hearty blue corn crust and and vibrant blue potatoes brighten up the palette for an unforgettably delicious July 4th pizza party.

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