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August 22, 2014

A Dumpling Tour of Sunset Park

This weekend, grab a few friends and let Sunset Park be your giant-size dim sum cart.

Cauliflower Is The Solution For When You Want Comfort Food, But Do Not Want To Shop For Bigger Pants


Pizza Man Delivers Murder Hoax To Save His Job: Police


Drought Hasn't Been Sweet To Honeybees

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Well, This Might Be The Cruelest/Best Prank Ever

YouTube / RunningLateShow

Hazelnut Shortage Will Probably Hit You Right In The Nutella

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

The Perfect Way To Cut Every Shape Of Cheese There Is

The Ingredient That Sends Your Body Into A Cycle Of Unhealthy Eating


None Of These Pizzas Have Gluten. All Of Them Are Delicious.

Healthy Nibbles And Bits

Peanut, Almond Butter Recalled For Salmonella Risk

Glow Cuisine via Getty Images

Is It A Fruit Or A Vegetable? Stop Wondering And Finally Know

5 Reasons Potatoes Don't Deserve Their Bad Reputation

Adam Gault via Getty Images

New Caramel Apple Oreo Arrives At Target


Storied University Is Seeking A Real-Life Willy Wonka

Silver Screen Collection via Getty Images

The World's Coolest Dad Makes The Trippiest Pancakes

YouTube: Nathan Shields

The Cake Decorating Robot Is A Vision From Our Sweetest Of Dreams


All-Bacon Resto To Open In Montreal


25 Delicious Homer Simpson Food Moments


Colleges Where Students Order The Most Late-Night Food


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This $77 Milkshake Brings The Big Spenders To The Yard


4 Ways To Make Your Low-Fat Dinners Extra Flavorful

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Nova Scotia MLA Makes Big Halal Hot Dog Blunder


Your New Favorite Sauces Owe Their Existence to Mayonnaise

tara o'brady/Food52

WATCH: Why Did Tim Hortons Spray-Paint A Whole Restaurant Black?


What Happened When This Doctor Tried To Go On The Master Cleanse

The Atlantic

Which Foods Contain The Highest Levels Of Salt?

Sebalos via Getty Images

How College Students Order Food


12 Tricks To Make Your Dinner Low Budget

Chris Gramly via Getty Images