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Darya Pino, Ph.D


10 Overrated Health Foods

Darya Pino, Ph.D | Posted May 30, 2012

Like it or not, we tend to believe whatever we are exposed to in the media and in advertisements. In nutrition, this usually means that as a society we all follow the same diet fads, glorifying some foods over others in the quest for better health.
Jane Carlin and Barb Macke


This Is No Joke -- Edible Books

Jane Carlin and Barb Macke | Posted May 30, 2012

It is that time of year when academic pursuits are put on hold for one day as culinary competitions sweep through the academy in celebration of the International Edible Book Festival.


Considering The Screw Cap

Menuism | Posted May 30, 2012

The growing prevalence of screw caps as an alternative wine closure to corks has generated lots of dissent from savvy wine consumers who refuse to purchase wines sealed with screw caps,
Tony Sachs


Start Spreading The News: The Made-In-New York Spirits Movement Is Booming

Tony Sachs | Posted May 30, 2012

While distilleries dotted the city and upstate from the 1700s on, after Prohibition, I guess New Yorkers were too busy drinking booze to make it.
Michelle Chen


Citing "Tradition," Big Ag Fights Reforms for Child Farmworkers

Michelle Chen | Posted May 30, 2012

Child labor is a symptom of a monstrous blight across the food system: consumers relish cheap prices and companies reap profits, and workers pay the human cost.
Food & Wine

Best Breakfast Sandwiches in the U.S.

Food & Wine | Posted May 30, 2012

The megatrend of restaurant breakfasts has spawned a mini-trend: the restaurant breakfast sandwich.
Michele Simon


McDonald's Now Using Goats to Entice Children

Michele Simon | Posted May 30, 2012

To call McDonald's latest advertising campaign aimed at children cynical doesn't give enough credit to the fast food giant and its ad agency, Leo Burnett.
Rozanne Gold


The Girl & the Fig

Rozanne Gold | Posted May 30, 2012

Sondra Bernstein is not an overnight sensation. But a sensation she is, as the proprietor of three of northern California's dining gems; overseer of a farm that grows biodynamic fruits and vegetables, creator of a "branded" line of food products, and "Mamma Cass" to 200 families in the area.


Celebrate Spring With A Floral Cocktail | Posted May 30, 2012

In honor of the end of winter, fix these tipples that call for a range of floral flavors. They're so good you may drink them all year round. Let's drink to spring!


6 of the Healthiest Fish... And 6 Fish to Avoid

EatingWell | Posted May 30, 2012

Here are six fish that are healthy for you and the planet -- that Seafood Watch says you should be eating -- plus six to avoid.
Dr. Irene S. Levine


Is The Cruise Buffet On Life Support? (PHOTOS)

Dr. Irene S. Levine | Posted May 30, 2012

Cruise ship dining once conjured up images of gluttons bellying up to the buffet. Now gastronomy trumps gluttony: A more discerning generation of foodies is selecting ships and itineraries based on their culinary allure.