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Honest Cooking

Matthew Orlando, Noma Head Chef -- Video Interview

Honest Cooking | Posted June 7, 2012

Kalle Bergman from Honest Cooking talks to Matthew Orlando, Head Chef at Noma Restaurant in Copenhagen.

Most foodies know René Redzepi. As the creator of Noma -- "The Worlds Best Restaurant", Time Magazine cover-model, foraging guru and Nordic Cuisine God, he is probably the...

Karen Bergreen

Sure, Mock Bloomberg But Take Him Seriously

Karen Bergreen | Posted June 7, 2012

I won't let my kids eat at McDonald's, at least not until they see Supersize Me. I have no idea if this edict will backfire when they hit their teens and have a little pocket money and a sense of direction. They may end up Big Mac Addicts. Admittedly,...

Rozanne Gold

Insanely Delicious Fresh Figs

Rozanne Gold | Posted June 7, 2012

Photo Credit: Judd Pilosoff

I had a wonderful meal last night, at abckitchen in New York City, sponsored by the California fig advisory board. I am crazy about figs yet know very little about them. Dried figs were what we...

Anneli Rufus

Chocolate Salad, Chocolate Sandwiches

Anneli Rufus | Posted June 7, 2012

Got so much chocolate around the house that you don't know how to use it all? Love chocolate so much that you want to eat it in every meal of the day, not just for dessert but in actual food?

Yes, you can.

At last week's grand opening of the...

Bruce Campbell Ph.D.

Rio+20: Getting Global Governance to Work for Hunger and Climate Change

Bruce Campbell Ph.D. | Posted June 7, 2012

Agriculture stands at the nexus of three of humankind's greatest challenges in the 21st century: achieving food and nutritional security, adapting to a changing climate that will severely hit agricultural production, and making a significant contribution to reducing the environmental footprint of agriculture. As the Commission on Sustainable...

Michele Simon

Your Burger Just Got a Little Safer, Thanks to Uncle Sam

Michele Simon | Posted June 7, 2012

After years of debating, petitioning, rule-making, and outright stalling, this week the federal government is finally implementing new requirements for testing E. coli in ground beef.

Why is this cause for celebration?

Because while the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service has for years required...

Tamar Haspel

Raising Pigs for Meat: Love Them, Kill Them, Eat Them

Tamar Haspel | Posted June 7, 2012

Our pigs arrived two days ago, and never did anything cuter grace a cloven hoof. They're about 25 pounds each now, and we're going to get them to about 240. Then we are going to kill them and eat them.

I've been warned not to name them. I've...

Carolyn Scott

Vegan Father's Day Recipes

Carolyn Scott | Posted June 7, 2012


Summer time is synonymous with grillin' and chillin'. And who does that better than dad? This Father's Day, give him the day off from the flaming grill and serve him up a dad-sized meal that's fit for a king! We've got a great menu...