04/04/2013 04:06 pm ET Updated Jun 04, 2013

WATCH: Edible, Realistic Beating Heart Cake

Buy a girl a cake, she'll love you for a day. Teach her how to bake...and, she'll have something to do every time her heart gets broken. Am I right?

Here's a riddle: What has red velvet batter, is edible, and looks like a vital organ? The latest product of heartbreak: The Beating Heart Cake.

Heartbreak was Lorraine Tran's main inspiration for the cake. "Naturally I was heart broken," Tran recalls.

"I was dumped by my boyfriend, basically one week before Valentine's."

Lorraine isn't just san emotional wreck with a sweet tooth, she's a talented cake artist and entrepreneur (Chubbi Cakes in Southern California). Luckily for us, great art can come out of moments of great heart ache.

One of her best friends didn't want her being alone, so they arranged a play date where they would spend the afternoon baking. When deciding what type of cake to make, their minds drifted towards fun-loving "hearts." Of course, Lorraine's mind was elsewhere, and jokingly suggested they make a nasty, realistic looking bleeding heart...with a pulse. In essence, a huge "screw you to love."