09/10/2012 07:20 pm ET Updated Nov 10, 2012

New York: Fashion and More

Alexander Wang has definitely established his talent and is one of the designers it's worth being in New York for.

Cuts, panels joined through sheer threads adding lightness to the body and making the garments a whole with the body itself -- like wearing pillows. He experimented with fabrics and cutouts. Oval and oblique cutouts, layerings. Almost everything was white, black and silver to enhance the graphic quality of his creations. When at the end the lights turned fluorescent, the women looked like futuristic creatures. It was a beautiful collection, as it was well thought-out, well-considered and created.

Altuzarra has made his woman softer, yet often employing clear references such as fringes and fabrics mixes à la Balenciaga. There is a visible effort to leave behind a severe and austere woman.

To celebrate Lacoste's 80th anniversary Felipe Oliveira Baptista has revamped graphic patterns creating micro prints of little polo shirts for dresses and parkas; he has reworked stripes offering a nod to the '80s and has even re-proposed the old zips for the blousons.

Prabal Gurung has carried on his research on femininity and lightness with patterns and prints. At times a little too "trendy," meaning that he seemed to adjust to the market requirements, losing the spontaneity, but as a whole a soft and captivating collection.

Victoria Beckham has her own individual style. She is like her clothes, and the other way around. Although, besides body-con and close-fitting, she has added a new A-line. Fresh, chic, strong, and in the cuts and the colors, white, black and orange. She is increasingly establishing herself in the fashion worlds in spite of those who see her only as a star.

Diane von Furstenberg
believes in color and her combinations often reminded of YSL's golden times, when aqua green could be paired with orange and green with blue, or sour green with turquoise. A joyful collection rich in details and totally charming, making women beautiful and sexy but never in an obvious way. The image is strong and the casting was great, with models wearing little makeup and loose hair. Beauty, charm and color were the strong features of a collection that left you with a contented smile and a positive feeling.

What else? New York is always on the move, you get the feeling everything is changing all the time. Nothing is stationary and there are countless proposals. From the opening of an art gallery to simply watching how fashion goes from the runway to the street and how it is personalized, it is always important to know how to look around and grasp the sense of the place you live in. And here there is still a lot to see.

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